Appointments are strongly recommended. We want to be able to give each bride our undivided attention. We strive to provide highly customized consultations for our brides. We do try our best to accommodate walk-ins when possible. If we have a fitting room and a stylist available to take a walk-in bride, we’ll gladly work with you.

An appointment is 90 minutes long. This allows us time to try on 6 – 8 gowns, revisit your favorites, and say yes to your dress.

You will be working with a dedicated stylist, so feel free to bring any photos of gowns that have caught your eye. We ask that prior to your bridal appointment that you complete the questionnaire that we sent to you and that you select gowns within our look book so that your stylist has a good understanding of your bridal style.

We do require underwear when trying on gowns. You are free to do whatever you feel comfortable with on top, whether that be your bra, a strapless bra, or braless.

To protect our merchandise, please no food or drink is allowed.

Above all, we suggest bringing a positive attitude, an open mind, and the expectation of falling in love with something! Your stylist may select a gown that you might not think you will like, but we may just surprise you by finding the one! Being prepared to make a purchase on your initial appointment with us makes the process much more enjoyable and happens to most of our brides!

Finding your dream dress is an important part of your wedding journey. Invite the people whose opinions you value most! When it comes to choosing a dress, you'll want to bring guests who understand your vision, and are able to give supportive feedback through this process.

We have hand selected a collection of gowns that range in price from $900 - $4,500. The average price of our gowns are in the price range of $1,200 - $2,000.

Before your appointment, we ask that you consider your budget to give us a guideline of what gowns to select to show you. We do not pull any gowns to try that will exceed your budget.

We require either payment in full or a 60% downpayment when you say yes to your dream wedding gown.

If you are purchasing a sample wedding gown, we require payment in full.

If you are purchasing accessories, veils, or bridesmaid's dresses we require payment in full.

We carry gowns to try on in size 6 – 32. We are able to order gowns in sizes 00 – 36.

Yes! We have a large selection of plus size gowns with sizes up to 32 in the store.


We also ask that when viewing the photos to remember that our gowns are samples and may not be in the color or condition that your gown will be upon its arrival. Also, the gown has not been professionally fit to your body and therefore may not be styled exactly right. Photographs should be a tool in making your decision but should never be THE deciding factor!

We adore children, but our boutique is filled with delicate, expensive items and it is not an appropriate environment for them. Children can take the attention away from the bride, which in our world, is always the star of the show! We kindly request that you leave small children at home at home. Nursing and non-mobile babes are fine to bring and children over the age of 10.

Wedding dresses can take up to 6 months to come in. Plan on another 2 – 3 months for alterations.

Accessories, bridesmaids, and mothers’ dresses can take up to 4 months to arrive.

If your wedding is happening sooner than that, there are many other options, such as rushing an order, ordering a dress from stock, or purchasing a sample...your stylist will know exactly what will work for you.

Please arrive at the time that your appointment is scheduled for. We often have appointments immediately before your appointment and (especially on a Saturday) will not be able to take you early.

Furthermore, if you are late, this will cut into your appointment time. We also often have an appointment immediately following yours (especially on a Saturday) and therefore, we may not be able to extend your appointment time due to late arrival.

It's a collection of dresses or accessories from a designer that we don't have in our inventory and is sent to us for a limited period of time. There is frequently a special offer that is provided during the event as an incentive to buy.

We do not have a seamstress on staff. We have recommendations of local seamstresses and encourage you to contact one or several to find one that you are comfortable with.

Sometimes we hear brides say, “I didn’t expect to find my dress today” so I didn’t bring my mom or one of my VIPs. Be prepared for the unexpected. With over 500 gowns in our showroom, there is a very good chance of finding your gown at Olive & Grace. It’s totally normal to find THE gown on your first visit! Many of our brides do say YES on the first visit! We completely understand that it is a big decision, but if you’ve come to the store knowing your budget, knowing what you like (and don’t like), while having your nearest and dearest with you and you find a gown that you love – go with it!